Mapsurveys  Kenya
Services offered by Mapsurveys Kenya

Mapsurveys (K) ltd has and continues to provide the following types of surveys. They include

  1. Topographical surveys
  2. Land Surveys
  3. Geodetic Surveys
  4. Hydrographic Surveys
  5. Check surveys for construction application
  6. Geographical Information System mapping
Among our clients are JICA, Serena Hotels, Struvil Africa, Cooper Kenya, UNON Gigiri, Howard Humphreys (EA) Ltd, Rahil International and many others.


1.Topographical Survey

These are done at suitable scales according to the needs of the clients. Basically all contain a scale, a north point, contours, actual spot heights, existing infrastructure, natural and other man made features. Topographical surveys also include Route surveys which are necessary for the location and construction of linear features of transportation or communication that continue across country for some distance, such as;

  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Open-Conduit systems
  • Pipelines
  • Powerlines
cadastral survey

2.Land Survey

Also known as Cadastral surveys, Mapsurveys offers an extensive array of land survey services to assist clients from various fields throughout the region with their land development, construction, engineering and ownership requirements. The land survey services include:-

  • Boundary surveys
  • Amalgamation surveys
  • Subdivision surveys
  • Mutation surveys
  • Set-out surveys
  • Change of Use surveys
Geodetic survey

3.Geodetic Survey

Also Control survey,provide precise horizontal and vertical positions of points to which supplementary surveys are adjusted. These types of surveys are conducted to provide geographic positions and plane coordinates of triangulation and traverse stations and the elevations of bench marks. These control points are further used as references for hydrographic surveys; for topographic control; and private surveys. At mapsurveys we have a state of the art Geodetic GPS with RTK capabilities equipment that besides using it for control surveys alone the equipment is used for conducting topographical surveys and other land survey applications.

Sounding at Tana river

4.Hydrographic Survey

are made to acquire data required to map shorelines and bottom depths of streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other larger bodies of water. Mapsurveys has access to echo-sounding equipment that it has used in previous jobs for different organisations. Some of the previous jobs handled include a project at a section in Tana river and also a project at a section in Nzoia river both in Kenya

Check surveys

5.Check Survey

Mapsurveys does carry out check surveys at various stages of construction. whether independently or on the request of the client, Check surveys are usually used to confirm various factors of a structure during construction such as; floor level, verticality of the pillars, extracted volumes e.t.c. and thereby reports are issued.


6.Geographical Information Systems Mapping

GIS is a powerful mapping tool. Usually the final product consists of layers of different features that have been picked in the field e.g. tree layers, spot heights, buildings, rivers, culvert and contour layers among other. This allows users to view details and work on details selectively. We digitize hard copy maps for various clients. This is for ease of storage and data processing. We also incorporate other non-survey information so that the survey can relate to other data for ease of analysis.