Mapsurveys  Kenya

A branch office of J.A. Story & Partners of the United Kingdom was established at Wilson Airport in 1947 which operated until 1973. Between 1973 and 1977 the Company operated as Sugade Ltd. when a change of ownership resulted in Mapsurveys Ltd. being registered as a U.K. company. The branch office continued to operate in Nairobi until 1995 when Mapsurveys Ltd. was closed down and Mapsurveys (K) Ltd. registered as a Kenyan company.

From 1983 onwards operations were mainly concentrated in Africa and the Middle East until the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1991. Since then, operations have been mainly in East Africa region.

With the registration of Mapsurveys (K) Ltd., the company management was restructured and all operations are now fully controlled and administered from Nairobi.

The Company is fully equipped with modern field instruments and computerised drawing equipment, software and state of the art technologies to carry out topographical and engineering survey works in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition to the normal engineering surveys, cross sections, profiles, grid mesh 3D drawings and cut and fill calculations are carried out.

The experienced staff are under constant supervision of the technically qualified directors to ensure quality control of all projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Particular emphasis is placed on the accuracy of surveys and completion of projects within the projected programme times. Mapsurveys also works closely with her consultants and assopciates of various professional backgrounds within the industry for delivery of high quality products and services.

Mission Statement

Committed to serve and advice our clients honestly, reliably, accurately, economically and professionally.


To become a one-stop shop in all matters geographical

Where have we worked & Who are our Clients

Since our Established we have had experiences around the world including the Middle East and the larger Africa and still continue to boast of projects regionally i.e. Somalia,Southern Sudan, DRC, etc.Mapsurveys gets involved in a wide range of sectors that require geographical mapping services, be it Architectural firms, Parastatals,Non-Governmental Organisations,Tourism,Research, Real estate development, Agricultural and not forgetting individual persons.

Our Equipment

Mapsurvey has for years kept on investing in Technology as it comes to ensure we are upto speed with the client needs that keep on changing on daily basis.Our equipment range from;

    1.GPS equipment with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) capabilities
    2.Various types of Total station Equipment
    3.Automatic Levels
    4.Underground survey Scanners
    5.Echosounder for hydrographic survey
    6.Datum DPL 5+ Automatic Laser Level for checking verticality of structures
    7.Leica Disto A3 distance metre for construction works
in addition to these the company has associations with credible firms all over the world to ensure capacity is always ensured.

Why us
    1.Quality - accuracy and reliability of our output is assured through constant quality control
    2.Time - delivery of jobs are done within the required duration of time
    3.Innovation - the staff is highly encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to improve the quality and care is taken to ensure relevant technology is adopted so that quality of work is not compromised
    4.Economical - we boast of relatively reasonable rates
    5.Experience - we have been in operation from 1992
    6.legality - we are up to date with all legal requirements
Our Workforce
Mapsurveys (K) ltd has attracted a very competitive work force that has been able to take the company to the level it prides to be. Some of the speciality include; photogrammestrist, surveyors, Geomatic Engineers and GIS analysts.

J.K. YAA (Photogrammetrist) - Managing Director

Dip. Photogrammetry from S.S.P.O., Switzerland,1974.Over 30 years experience in photogrammetric mapping with 16 years in management.

T.S. SAGOO - Director

Former commissioned officer with Kenya Army. Over 12 years experience in engineering and construction.Over 20 years in management and executive positions in private sector.

M.K. KOORI - (Surveyor) Associate Director

Bsc. Engineering Surveying, University of Nairobi. Incharge of Projects,with over 11 years field experience in Engineering and cadastral surveys.

W.O. OTTARO - Surveyor

Bsc. Geomatic Engineering and GIS, Jomo Kenyatta University with 3 years experience in Field survey, Engineering Survey, Geographical Information System (GIS),GPS and WebMapping.

B. Jumba - Surveyor

Diploma in Land Survey, Kenya Polytechnic. With over 10 years experience in Field Survey, Engineering Survey and Cadastral Survey.

W. J. Mwaka - Surveyor

Diploma in Land Survey, Kenya Institute Of Surveying and Mapping. With 2 years experience in Field Survey.

M. Mwaniki - Surveyor

Bsc. Geomatic Engineering and GIS, Jomo Kenyatta University with 1 year experience in Field survey & Engineering Survey.

Our Associates
  1. Coventant GeoSystems
  2. Geosurv Systems Limited
  3. Magnasoft Geospatial Innovations, India
  4. Online Survey Services
  5. Cherith Geosystems